About The Designer

Something About Mary!

Mary Repke
Coakley® designer and founder Mary E. Repke

Chief Bag Lady

That’s me – “Chief Bag Lady.” I’m a problem solver who loves challenges. That’s why I chose a career in corporate product development and marketing. I’ve worked on some incredibly interesting projects that have changed the way people communicate.

Today, a PDA or cordless phone is indispensable. But back in the ‘80s, it was just a dream. As the Director of Marketing at Sharp Electronics, I spearheaded the marketing introduction of the first line of these products.

When I was at Faber Castell, I challenged the concept that we all have to write in black, red and blue ink. Why couldn’t we be iconoclastic revolutionaries and write in purple, aqua and hot pink? This new product line propelled Uni-ball to the number one selling pen in the nation.

But that just wasn’t enough for me. I needed a bigger challenge. I wanted to solve the problem that frustrates every single woman -- How can I carry around all my stuff without looking like a bag lady?!

Coakley Was Born

So, I left the corporate world, surveyed hundreds of women, and designed a functional and gorgeous lifestyle bag for women. Coakley Business Class, LLC was born in 2004.

When you carry a Coakley, you’re carrying around what you typically used to carry in three bags – your purse, laptop bag and briefcase. And, you look beautiful doing it!

Don’t take my word for it – women all over the country are raving about Coakley.

Magazines, Movies, Fashion & TV

Coakley bags have been featured in InStyle, USAir and US Weekly magazines.

The Coakley Collection earned a premier spot on the Red Carpet in October 2007! Coakley was the gift bag chosen for the American Cinematheque Awards honoring Julia Roberts.

Designer Kevan Hall personally selected Coakley bags for his exclusive Runway Event during LA Fashion Week.

During 2007, Coakley made its’ TV debut, as a major prize category, on the Price is Right.


I don’t like to brag about my accomplishments, I just like to brag about my bags. But, in case you’re into achievement awards -- here are mine.

Entrepreneur of the Year (2006-2007) – Awarded by The Women’s Business Center and NJAWBO (New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners).

Industry Influencers of 1999 – Wideband Magazine

TWIN (Tribute to Women in Industry) – 1998