About Coakley Bags

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We Believe That Women Deserve Better!

When men make decisions, they’re looking for a “good solution.” When women make decisions, we’re searching for “the perfect answer.” And, let’s face it ladies, finding the perfect bag is frustratingly difficult. The Coakley® Collection was designed and created by Mary E. Repke to meet the lifestyle needs of style conscious women on the go.
So, stop carrying your laptop around in a black boxy bag. They’re a good solution for men. And, stop carrying around that boring briefcase. Women deserve better – women deserve Coakley®.

We Believe That No Woman Should Look Like A Bag Lady!

Just think about what you carry every day – a purse, a laptop bag and a briefcase. And, some days you’re also carrying a plastic bag from the supermarket with your water bottle and lunch. Add that bag to carry your change of shoes, and voila! You’ve achieved the Bag Lady Look! Don’t do it ladies. Because of Coakley® Business Class, you can say goodbye to the Bag Lady Look. One bag to carry all your stuff, and you’ll look great doing it.

We Believe In The Importance Of A Name

Because she’s so proud of her bags and she desired to celebrate female ingenuity, Mary Repke wanted to put her name on her designs. But, “Repke” is hard to pronounce. So, she decided to honor the strong and savvy women on her mom’s side of the family – the Coakley® women. Mary realized that the innovative, independent Coakley® women inspired her throughout her life. That’s why you’ll see the name Coakley® on each design. It celebrates and honors special women.

We Believe That Details Count

Each Coakley® bag is full of details that will help you to organize your life on the go. Whether you choose a Signature Suede, Timeless Tweed, or Contemporary Classic, you’ll understand why the Coakley® tagline is “Freedom. Innovation. Style.”