Care for your Coakley

When you invest in a Coakley, you invest in yourself.  Each Coakley bag is designed to be as hard working as you are but we recognize that accidents do happen.  The materials we use have all been selected because they can be cleaned and they are stain resistant to a point.  

  • Cleaning your bag: You can clean your bag with the same materials you would use on your clothes.  Occasionally you may need your bag professionally cleaned. We recommend you take your bag to a quality shoe repair store who cleans handbags, leathers and even UGGS. If you don’t have access to one, contact Coakley and we can quote you a price to use our specialty shoe and bag repair store.
  • Suggestions for caring for your bag:
    • Hang your bag on a door knob for a few days upon receipt to help relax the handles.
    • Take care when placing your bag in the back seat of your car to avoid curling up the bottom of the leather strap below the buckle
    • Tighten the screw mounted side expansion posts if you use them frequently.  If you lose one, let us know and we can provide a replacement part.